Lingerie Chat – Bridal Lingerie 19th July


Welcome to this weeks summary of lingerie chat! The topic of this week’s lingerie chat was all about bridal lingerie. This post is a summary of everything we chatted about:

Q1. @DirectorySexy asked, “I’ve been curious as to what’s most important part of bridal lingerie is, as in what do most women look for in bridal lingerie?”

@piperewan said, “I think it’s important to differentiate between what you need as foundation garments for a particular dress & your bridal bed (wedding night/honeymoon)…sometimes the underpinnings for a bridal gown aren’t the sexiest underneath, but provide the proper structure for the dress… I tend to build it in or around the dress for what the bride wants & works best for design & fit of the dress”

@LingerieDiva agreed as did @PlumsLingerie agreed who noted, “I completely agree and it’s not very sexy to be in the underwear you have been wearing for the past 10 hours.”

@franticafrances said, “On the day, I think support, smooth lines, and comfort. Nighttime, something pretty!”

@LingerieDiva and @Kloudiaa agreed that brides need, “Comfort + something that is absolutely special.”

@Alicudby noted, “Foundations lingerie for the wedding day is one of the few times many US women get the help they need for fit and quality. “

@Piperewan replied, “I wish this weren’t true. Why do people spend so much for one day instead of every day (& why I ran from weddings). “

@DirectorySexy asked, That seems to be somewhat odd, why only get the right fit for one day?”

@PlumsLingerie answered, “I think because it’s a special occasion they give themselves permission to treat themselves.”

@premierjourpj said, “Often women hear about bra fitting boutiques/special lingerie etc from their dress makers/sales people.”

@PlumsLingerie said, “I get brides who want slimming suck in knickers but I try and dissuade them, you should feel pretty…The bridal lingerie is often the first time we get a customer in, then they keep coming back”

@piperewan agreed, “True. It is often at the bride stage where women get a taste of custom clothes; some become addicted!”

@DirectorySexy asked, “So the type/style/design of the bridal lingerie really coincides with the style of the gown itself. Correct?”

@piperewan said, “Yes! It is crucial!”

@franticafrances said, “absolutely. The two must work together to create something beautiful!

@premierjourpj said, “Proper fitting lingerie for a wedding dress is SO important. Its ur big day -u want you + ur dress to look their best!”

@ToadLillie asked, “It seems that lingerie marketed as “bridal” is really “wedding night”. Wonder why the “white” tradition is so important?”

@piperewan said, “ the white has turned to legend for purity. the true origin was queen Victoria wore a white dress…it is just a fashion choice, though. I am fond of whites and creams sometimes..”

Q2. hosiery seems to have gone out of fashion for bridal do you find this is the case?

@ToadLillie said, “Really? I thought hosiery was making a bit of a comeback.”

@PlumsLingerie replied, “Not in our shop maybe because of sandals and less weddings in churches?”

@PS_Lingerie said, “I agree. We don’t sell much but it tends to be silk stockings.”

@LingerieDiva said, “Yes, I think most brides find it unnecessary to cover legs that are going to be covered by a dress…Especially if you are getting married in the summer! Nobody wants an extra layer in the heat!”

@franticafrances said, “not sure if this is the general fashion, but I think it’s a perfect time to wear sexy stockings!” @PlumsLingerie agreed with, “ I love sexy and beautiful hosiery.”

@LingerieDiva said, “I see hosiery as more popular for the wedding night than the day.”

@piperewan said, “also, people still want comfort, & hosiery has a bad rep as uncomfortable. “

@PlumsLingerie said, “I love the idea of a gorgeous suspender belt and silk stockings, traditional and glam.” @Directory Sexy agreed.

@alicudby commented, “I’m guessing shapewear has taken a big bite out of wedding day hosiery.”

Q3. The wedding night, same lingerie as the day, new lingerie or nightwear?

@piperewan said, “ I vote for different! it is popular to have lingerie bridal showers for the bride’s trousseau.” @DirectorySexy agreed immediately, as did @premierjourpj and @PS_lingerie

@ToadLillie said, “Definitely boudoir pieces for the wedding night! Interesting that white is still most popular for this.”

@PlumsLingerie said, “I think new, I would want a bath and to change but I hear a lot of brides who say they will be too tired or tipsy to care.”

@LingerieDiva said, “New. Don’t have to worry about how it holds up w/the dress, if it’s sweaty after a long day, you can wear anything you like… I say white for the wedding night & color for the honeymoon “

@ToadLillie, @BubblesLingerie, @franticafrances, and @DirectorySexy agreed that there should be lots of colorful choices for the honeymoon.

@franticafrances said, “new lingerie me-thinks. more decadent, beautiful and lavish than the day lingerie. Go all out on the glam!”

@vsmfarrow said, “I think most brides want comfort lingerie during the day and then change into something special later when they feel relaxed.”

Q4. do women still buy a trousseau for their honeymoon?

@LingerieDiva said, “Absolutely! I think at least one new piece for each night, and maybe a few extra.”

@ToadLillie said, “Absolutely! For many women this is the only time they will splurge on themselves or receive such lovelies.”

@alicudby thought this was a shame, @LingerieDiva and @DirectorySexy agreed.

@franticafrances said, “ yes that’s true. But I think its worth splurging on lingerie for the honeymoon. It’ll only happen once. (hope)”

@PlumsLingerie said, “that’s interesting because we find few brides who buy lingerie for the honeymoon, maybe because they live with their fiancé?”

@ToadLillie replied, “Perhaps they receive lingerie as gifts? I both purchased and received gifts while “living in sin” LOL.” @Directory sexy agreed that he often gave gifts of lingerie when living with his significant other.

@BubblesLingerie said, “It’s a time to spoil you and your new spouse :)”

@DirectorySexy and @ToadLillie agreed and everyone loved the senitment.

@PlumsLingerie said, “I try and tell brides that they can wear their bridal lingerie again unlike their wedding dress.”

@piperewan mentioned that lingerie is often given as bridal shower gifts, and is something akin to a “gateway drug.” – an idea that everyone gave a nod.

Q5. So ladies do you have any recommendations for lingerie brands, stockings or garter?

@franticafrances said, “I LOVE Damaris for gorgeous frivolous knickers! and Myla…I would of course, like to recommend my own brand! LOL!”

@PlumsLingerie said, If you like traditional Jonquil do lovely full length romantic gowns and robes .”

@LingerieDiva said, “For hosiery/stockings, @leg_avenue always looks good. And @7tilmidnight has a really pretty “Something Blue” bridal collection.”

@PS_Lingerie said, “On my wish list: Piperewan garters. Beyond beautiful :)

@PlumsLingerie suggested gowns by, “Jonquil but they aren’t silk unfortunately, Marjolaine do gorgeous silk but their long gowns are a tad short.”

Join us next week for Lingerie Chat at our new time, Tuesdays at 8pm GMT and 3pm EST July 19, 2011. If you have any questions you want asked, you can either add them to the comments under this post or message me @PlumsLingerie on Twitter.